DIN 7603 and assortment pricelists

Here you find our pricelists for DIN 7603 washers and our asortments.
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new prices from Januarl 2022

Material availability and raw material price development Dear Sir or Madam,
the disastrous development on the global raw material markets, the associated extremely poor supply situation and the resulting explosion in material prices have probably not gone unnoticed in recent months.
The average prices for copper and alloys containing copper as well as other non-ferrous metals have risen massively in the past few months. This development is even more serious when it comes to the procurement prices of steel and stainless steel products, which have almost doubled in the same period.

In view of the market conditions, we have to take this development into account and are therefore forced to adjust the prices for deliveries from 01.01.2022
copper and copper-containing products increase by 15%.
Steel, stainless steel and aluminum products increase by 25%.
All elastomer gaskets like O-rings, radial shaft seals…. 10%
All other and non-ferrous metal products will also be increased by 15%.

For raw material we are currently in the last quarter of the coming year with the replacement and therefore ask you to place your requirements and classifications as long as possible. We expressly reserve the right to make further price adjustments at any time. Thank you for your understanding.